Lost Mines of Phandelver

Infiltrating Cragmaw

In which the party gains a new home and two bagpipes.

2 Flamerule 1493

Arailia mourns the killing of the Nothic, who mistakenly thought she had given him leave to feast upon the town of Phandalin. The party returns to Stonehill Inn to recuperate. Glor drinks heavily and arm wrestles three local miners with much success. Later blacks out and somehow ends up with two bagpipes in his room. Arailia receives a mysterious note.

3 Flamerule 1493

Ielenia attempts to buy components for a particular spell but is frustrated by the lack of exotic resources in this provincial town. The party learns from Toblen Stonehill that Sildar Hallwinter, the acting townmaster, has requested their presence. He asks after their investigation into Gundren’s whereabouts and is dismayed at their progress. He and Arailia argue over terms of payment for their services. Sildar eventually is convinced by Glor to allow the party to acquire the ruined Tresendar Manor for their own use.

3 Flamerule 1493

The party sets out for Cragmaw Castle. They are ambushed along the way by a large force of goblins and hobgoblins. A couple of party members are badly injured but survive. The party interrogates a captured goblin named Charles who reveals the size and composition of the force awaiting them at Cragmaw. The party then slays the goblin.

4 Flamerule 1493

The party arrives at the outskirts of Cragmaw Castle. They reconnoiter the grounds while disguised as Redbrands and find two means of ingress. Glor and Morthos enter from the west and eliminate the southern watchtower. Arailia, Revein, and Irimith sneak in from the north and quietly dispatch two goblins. They stand outside a room towards the eastern end of the castle.



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